Watch out! Plants might be capable of having memories!

According to a study done by researches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, flowers might be able to form memories. (source)

What the hell! I read a similar article years ago regarding plants and grass. Now I’m starting to feel bad about all the greenery that I’ve potentially traumatized with a weed whacker or lawn mower. Lets hope they don’t evolve & kill us all.


Hey, that shrub was my best friend!

I remember Hollywood made a movie called “The Happening” that slightly connects to this theory. It was a horrible movie. (spoiler alert) People just endup dying randomly. At the end of the movie, we find out plants were sick of humanity and released toxins into the air so we would all die. I bet hippies loved it though. Hopefully, that shit never happens in real life.


If plants can have memories, it makes me wonder what else is secretly functioning. Maybe inanimate objects can feel also! Who knows maybe someday they will discover conventional ovens get angry when they are preheated above 400 degrees. Or, your couch secretly enjoys when you and your partner have sex on it. With new discoveries being made everyday, who knows!

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