Stupid girl causes car crash. Snapchat gets sued.

Lawyers are now going after Snapchat. They blame the app’s “speed filter” for tempting a woman to drive too fast and cause a car wreck that left a man with a brain injury. (source)

A Georgia woman decided to be stupid and wanted to post an image of herself driving fast. Wow, super cool right!? She decided to use the Snapchat speed tracker.  As a result, she pushed the car to a speed of over 100 mph on a suburban road and caused a wreck that left a  man with a permanent brain injury.

Lets start with the girl who caused the crash. She is obviously being sued also. I can’t think of a strong enough word that describes what an idiot this girl is. Not only did Christal McGee almost kill someone, she managed to take a selfie and post it on Snapchat while being carted away on the damn stretcher! If I had blood trickling down my face while my head is strapped down, posting online with a caption that read: “Lucky to be alive” is the last thing I would think about doing. Ok, your lucky to be alive. Did you bother to ask if the person in the car you hit was ok? Ugh, are they sure she didn’t suffer any brain damage? Wait, what was I thinking. Obviously, she already had it before she caused this accident.


Are you f@ck#ng kidding me!

As for suing Snapchat, why should Snapchat be accountable for an attention whore who wanted to impress her friends? The app didn’t force her to go fast. She made the conscious decision on her own. Plus, texting while driving in Georgia is illegal!

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5 replies

  1. Fortunate;y for her, being abysmally stupid is not a crime. Damn!

    • Maybe someday they will make it a crime, but on that day most of the population of the United States will be imprisoned.

      • The USA already has the greatest number of people incarcerated of any nation, ever. That’s either by total number of prisoners or the percentage of the population in prisons.

        Yes, the USA is #1, at least in the category if no other.

  2. The people who made SnapChat, and the speed filter in the app she as using when she wrecked. They are both at fault.

    • So if someone speeds, it’s the car manufacturers fault for making a car? If someone drinks and drives, it’s liquor brewers faults for making alcoholic drinks? If someone rapes a woman who is dressed ‘sexily’, it’s the woman’s fault for looking inviting? NO.

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