Ice-cream shortage at wedding sparks violence and cancellation.

A couple of weeks ago, I reported how a street battle erupted during a wedding feud in China. This week a wedding in India decided to top them for ridiculous wedding violence.

Police say the incident started when the groom’s party was bitching over the shortage of ice-cream. This somehow lead to an argument with the bride’s party. The groom’s party then called the cops. As a result, seven people from the bride’s party were arrested. Things would only get a hell of a lot worse.

The bride’s side decided to let the police know how unhappy they were with the interference. Thats when they started blocking the road & hurling stones at police.  Force was used to eventually clear that road. The wedding was then called off. (source)

Well, damn! Unless an ice-cream shortage at a wedding in India is a bigger deal than I realize, I’m guessing a lot of tension was already built up between these two families and this was just the final straw. Still, if you are going to escalate an arguement, why choose lack of ice-cream as your window oppertunity to do so? I would have waited for a crazy relative on the bride’s side to get drunk & make inappropriate comments. (Don’t lie. Everyone has one of those people in the family)  Then I would use that as my window to escalate an arguement.


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Please note, all the articles I write about are based on real media stories. None of these are fake. Since some of them seem so bonkers, I do cross references to make sure it has been reported from multiple sources before publishing. If you believe a story that I have written was fabricated, I would like to know. Please don’t hesitate to comment. -Thanks

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