Germany embeds traffic lights in sidewalk to aid idiotic smartphone users.

Take a look around outside. It shouldn’t take long to spot someone who is gazing down at their smartphone while they walk. Well, Germany has decided to help these unaware idiots who walk through traffic signals without paying attention &  embedded traffic signals into sidewalks so they won’t need to look up. (source)

It’s sad that officials feel the situation has gotten to this point. Your telling me, we need to aid this kind of lazy behavior because people can’t take a couple of seconds and actually look up!? That sounds so messed up.

Originally, I was opposed to this idea. I’m for survival of the fittest and weeding out the dumbasses of the world. I’m sorry, if you possess the ability to walk into oncoming traffic because your to busy updating your Facebook status, you are dumb!


While I don’t feel bad for the people who aren’t paying attention. I do feel bad for the potential motorist who hits one of these idiots. He/she might not have enough time to react. They could potentially endup with serious injury also.

For that reason, it makes the idea seem valid to me. I hope this catches on. Its just a shame we need to aid this kind of lazy behavior.

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