Texas attorney threatens to sue restaurant for running out of soup.

Have you ever felt cheated when you ordered a soup to go along with your entrée, but they were out of soup? Then, you felt so cheated and deceived that you requested a discount on another side, but were denied? This attorney did. He has threatened to sue for a whopping $2.25! (source)

We truly live in a world where people will sue for almost anything these days. He does make an interesting point. “The menu is an offer of contract by you. I accepted the offer. This action by you and I created a legally binding contract which is legally enforceable in the court of law. You then breached the contract by not providing the soup as promised by you on the menu.”  So what!? While I would be disappointed that I can’t get the soup I want, is this really worth the time and effort for $2.25. I would hate to borrow $10 from this guy. He would probably make me sign something.

Malpractice would be a perfectly acceptable reason to file a lawsuit. If you want to make a lawsuit out of this incident, clearly you have no clients! Maybe this was an attempt to stir up some publicity for himself so people will see his name in the news and want to hire him as an attorney.

While I appreciate his hard nosed and probably just doing this to make a point approach, I don’t think I would want to hire someone who I could refer to as “the soup guy.”



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