Study determines why people hate the music group Nickelback.

Despite several hits dating back to 2001, the band Nickelback has certainly taken its share of criticism over the years. The level of disdain has reached a level that an actual study was conducted to determine why people hate them so much.

The study determined that they lack a sincere identity.
The band “once allowed their music to be used in a furniture advert, which triggered lots of rage about “authenticity.”
“Nickelback is too much of everything to be enough of something.”
“They follow genre expectations too well which is seen as empty imitation.” (source)

Wow, an actual study was done to determine this? I could have told you that from simply listening to a couple songs from each album, but ok. I agree. However, I think another reason is missing. After all, I’ve seen bands like U2 in commercials. Plus, who could forget when they had their album ingrained in every damn iphone! Yet, despite U2’s criticisms, they aren’t nearly criticized as much as Nickelback about “authenticity.”

Is it the “cookie cutter” & following genre expectations scenario? Well, look at bands like The Foo Fighters. You can’t get any more cookie cutter run of the mill rock band than them. Yet again, not nearly as much criticism as Nickelback. So what’s the final component that makes everyone hate Nickelback so much? IN my opinion, its a combination of all that and how they look!

While U2 and the Foo Fighters and Nickelback might share some characteristics, Nickelback adds a third element that a lot of people might not want to admit. Just look at them! They even look boring as shit! Unfortunately, the music industry isn’t just about music. It is also about image. The Foo Fighters look like rockers. U2 can do whatever the fuck they want. I’m not saying they can’t be annoying sometimes, but they have never been shy about making headlines. Nickelback is just a boring looking Canadian band that looks like they are faking it. That combined with the other factors makes me want to punch them in the face when I see them.

Im not delusional though. Nickelback has sold over 50 million albums. In the age of social media, a lot of fame equals just as much criticism. Nothing wrong with liking plain and ordinary. I like cheese pizza and that’s pretty plain. Although, when it comes to music, Nickelback just isn’t for me.


I yawn just from looking at them.










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