Remember when The Sharper Image sold angus beef and called it “Trump Steaks?”

Never mind his run at the White House. That’s a story for another day. Today, I wanted to bring up something about Donald Trump that just blows my mind. Why the hell did Sharper Image sell “Trump Steaks” in 2007?

When I first heard this months ago through word of mouth, I wasn’t sure what to think. Then, I started looking online. Even when I found the story to be true, I kept looking for more articles to confirm and then reconfirm that this actually happened. It just sounded ridiculous. Well, you can’t reach a higher level of confirmed than The Sharper Image website itself. (source)

I will be generous and give a free pass for attempting your own brand of steak. The Apprentice was popular and celebrities have their names on restaurants and products all the time. Why steak though? Can’t you slap your name on some type of grill or food processor like everyone else?

While I give a free pass on branding a steak, I can’t for the life of me give a free pass on letting The Shaper Image market this! When I think of The Sharper Image, I think of HD video camera pens and drones. Food is the last thing I would expect. It makes about as much sense as selling video games at a jewelry store.


Who the hell approached who to make this happen? Was Trump and or his people hanging out with the President of The Sharper Image at the time and they were snorting a lot of blow together when this deal was made?

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Please note, all the articles I write about are based on real media stories or events. None of them are made up. Since some of them seem so bonkers, I do cross reference to make sure it has been reported from multiple sources before publishing. If you believe a story that I have written about was fabricated, I would like to know. Please don’t hesitate to comment.

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