Cop blows up court room during grenade demonstration.

Imagine if you were just sitting outside of a courthouse minding your own business. Then, an explosion could be heard from within the courthouse. You might think a terrorist attack just took place. Well, 99% of the time, you would probably be right. However, on this particular day it was just an idiot who literally decided to demonstrate how a grenade works.


I would like to brand the officer who pulled the pin as the total idiot behind all this, but I can’t. This incident involves more stupidity than just him. While it would have been a smart idea to ask, I can see how someone might assume the explosive that was brought into the courthouse was either defused or a replica to be used for demonstrative purposes in front of the court. I’m not saying that assumption was made. I’m just trying to create a logical explanation for something stupid.  After all, you are in a courthouse. You would think that someone would have stated before the demonstration “This is a live explosive! Don’t pull the pin!” & I’m no expert in law or security procedures in other countries, but shouldn’t  it still have gone through some form security where people would have been alerted to its presence since it is a LIVE EXPLOSIVE! (source)

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Please note, all the articles I write about are based on real media stories. None of these are made up. Since some of them seem so bonkers, I do cross references to make sure it has been reported from multiple sources before publishing. If you believe a story that I have written was fabricated, I would like to know. Please don’t hesitate to comment. -Thanks

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