Ex-teacher accused of having sex with 3 students says one boy’s grades improved.

Brianne Altice is currently serving a 2-30 year sentence for not being able to keep her hands off her 16-17 year old male students. Last month one of the victim’s parents decided to file a lawsuit against her and the school district. Her response was a two page letter that mentioned how one of the students grades improved. I guess when you have already pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges, what do you have left to lose right? (source)


I’m a pioneer damnt! I was helping them!


Maybe Altice is a pioneer and onto something!  His grades improved! Could merging sex with education benefit and motive students? Hell, more and more nations seem to be whipping our asses in test scores lately! Maybe, its time to start thinking outside the box on how we can get them up. (no pun intended) We should invest millions in scientific studies!

Ok, back to reality. If she really wants to defend this, using this angle is probably the worst way to go about it. Of course his test scores improved! But, I’m willing to bet it was because you she was just giving him good grades, not because he was earning them.

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