Nut jobs think earth could be destroyed any day now!

Unless you have been living under a rock since January, a POSSIBLE new planet has been discovered. It has an odd elongated orbit and could take around 20,0000 years to complete a single orbit around our sun. The problem is, as it draws closer it passes through the Kuiper Belt and knocks tons of asteroids and shit in our direction that could end up potentially striking earth. This explains why Earth has a mass extinction every 26-27 million years. This is all just speculation.   (source)

Adding more fuel to the fire is how conspiracy theorists have ranted for decades that through the interpretation of Babylonian religious texts, author Zecharia Stitchin claimed an undiscovered planet called Nibiru would eventually do something similar.

I’ll admit, some of the similarities are a bit creepy. However, can we find the damn planet first!? I am really getting tired of this. “The data suggests it exists.” Good for the data! Find it! Then we can talk doomsday prophecies.


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Please note, all the articles I write about are based on real media stories. None of these are made up. Since some of them seem so bonkers, I do cross references to make sure it has been reported from multiple sources before publishing. If you believe a story that I have written was fabricated, I would like to know. Please don’t hesitate to comment. -Thanks

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