Motel owner thinks of himself as “sex researcher” after secretely watching people have sex for 29 years.

Thanks to an article published by journalist Gay Talese the world can now learn the true story of a man who some might call “greatest voyeur in the world.” Or the biggest perverted Peeping Tom in history. You say tomato. I say tomahto.

Gerald Foos wasn’t like any other sleezy motel owner. He prefers to be viewed as a “sex researcher and social observer” Is that what they call it now? Well, If you decided to “get it on” with someone at the Manor House Motel in Colorado between  1966 & 1985, you might have been part of his “study.”

Either way, you got to admire his dedication. He was able to rack up some pretty impressive viewing numbers through ceiling vents. “For example, 1973 he catalogued 184 male orgasms and 33 female orgasms, and noted that white heterosexuals tended to have missionary sex and that only 3% of his guests failed to have sex.”  (source) Now, how many of those 33 female orgasms in 1973 were faked!?  I don’t see that on your stat sheet Gerald! Pffft, and you call yourself a researcher?

I mean common, is anyone really buying into this shit? Does anyone actually picture a man sitting in a vent with a notebook cataloging how many times people are having orgasms? I know I don’t. I picture a perverted Peeping Tom with a bottle of Jergens lotion and a box of Kleenex.

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Please note, all the articles I write about are based on real media stories. None of these are made up. Since some of them seem so bonkers, I do cross references to make sure it has been reported from multiple sources before publishing. If you believe a story that I have written was fabricated, I would like to know. Please don’t hesitate to comment. -Thanks

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