“Missing” hikers found downtown and unware of search effort to find them.

This is odd. I think I would truly kill my son or daughter if this happened.

On Saturday, these two knuckleheads got lost and separated from family during a Pisgah National Forest camping trip. Keep in mind now, that was Saturday! The funny thing about family members who give a damn is that when they can’t find you during a prolonged period of time, (especially in the woods!) they tend to take action.

On Tuesday afternoon, Yes, I said f*@ki#g Tuesday afternoon!!! Four full days later, they were spotted downtown when two sheriffs approached them. They were completely unaware that a major search effort was underway in the forest looking for them. (source)

I thought the communication was bad in my family. This takes the crown. So when they got out of the forest, how did they get home?  Does either of them have a phone? I don’t mean just in the woods. I mean AT ALL!? No friends or family members called or texted asking where you are? Nobody thought to show up at your place and knock on your door?  Also, its not like this was one person. It was two! Between the both of them, neither of them was in contact with a single friend who saw the story on the news but knew they weren’t missing because they had just spoken or texted with them a short time ago? This is like the perfect storm of miscommunication.

Not sure how all of this could have “slipped his mind”  Well, I guess all the agencies involved can pretend that this was just a very expensive training exercise.

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