Turkey claims they have better technology than NASA.

Turkey’s Forestry and Waterworks Minister (whatever that means)  Veysel Eroğlu recently criticized NASA and claimed they have superior technology.

At Turkey’s parliament discussion, the Minister went bonkers when a reporter questioned NASA’s recent weather claims about the Levant region, which includes Turkey.  “Who does NASA think it is? We are better than them,”  He would also go on to argue that Turkey’s technology is ahead of NASA. (source)

Alright, I’m no scientist or meteorologist, but I’m willing to bet Mr. Waterworks Minister is talking out of his ass. If you want to make a claim that you are technologically superior to NASA, you better have something a little bit more than saying  “They might have satellites but we have our Göktürk,” to back it up.


Yes, he’s right. NASA does have satellites. In fact, it has OVER A DOZEN! that are “dedicated to helping NASA study the oceans, land and atmosphere.” (source NASA) So Turkey can take its  Göktürk satellite and suck it. Maybe I’m overreacting though. This is about technology. Just because NASA has more satellites, doesn’t mean they are necessarily better. Maybe Göktürk is a powerhouse and more advanced than all the dozen plus satellites that NASA has combined! Ya, and just maybe a purple and orange unicorn will land on my front lawn later.

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