Campbell’s soup cans will no longer contain BPA.

Campbell’s soup is saying bye bye to BPA linings in its cans.

I think the debate over BPA is interesting. Campbell’s has said they believe BPA is safe. The USDA is fine with BPA. However, some studies suggest that its not suitable for food containers because it contains hormone like properties. What I find hilarious is how they claim BPA is safe, yet “the FDA in the US, the European Union and Canada have all banned BPA use in baby bottles, based on uncertainties.” (source)

HAHAHAHA!  If something is cheaper to make it is never “banned based on uncertainties” it gets band based on facts and data. This tells me either A: BPA is worse for you than we thought & was banned in baby bottles to prevent harming infants, but since it is so common in everyday containers, it would be easier to slowly phase it out and give companies time to create an alternative. B: They really aren’t sure. I find ‘B’ difficult to believe. That’s like the old cigarette company defense. ‘Well, we didn’t know it was harmful.” The f@#k you didn’t! Someone always knows the dangers.

Maybe BPA is the reason why children seem to be developing at a younger age these days and why I feel the need to ask for an  I.D from every woman I come in contact with to confirm she isn’t underage! If so, I’m sure BPA is just one of several things that is unknowingly harming us. Banning it is probably a step in the right direction. Ya know. Based on all the “uncertainties”(rolling my eyes)

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