Man escapes death on cliff edge, then gets hit by tour bus.

The twisting and winding roads in California are no joke. Some of them are terrifying sheer drops. This motorist needed a harsh reminder of that. He lost control of his SUV. As a result, the SUV ended up dangling off the side of a cliff. In some shit that you would expect to see in a Fast & Furious flick, the driver managed to escape out of the SUV. Then, well…umm that’s when the driver who I am sure was breathing a sigh of relief, was struck by a passing tour bus.

I can’t help but laugh at this. If fate does exist, it was clearly saying “I won’t kill you for driving like an idiot, but I will make sure you get dinged up quite a bit.” How did the bus manage to hit him anyway? Was the road that narrow? Also, if you came across an accident with nobody around, shouldn’t you stop and call for help? Maybe the driver of the bus wasn’t paying attention because he was busy making the situation part of the tour. “If you look to your right ladies and gentleman, you will see what happens when you lose focus on these twisting and winding roads.”  (source)

The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment. While I wouldn’t exactly call getting hit by a bus “lucky.” It still beats plummeting to certain death off a cliff in your SUV.

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