Ex-homeless man gives 10K to High School.

Three years ago Wade Herter was homeless and living on the streets of Dwight, Illinois. Instead of throwing rocks at the guy like some asshole kids might do, two High School seniors decided to give him some warm clothes and a jacket and bought him a train ticket to go see his father.

Herter’s father would pass away and leave him behind 1.2 million dollars! The money helped him get back on his feet & he is now a writer in California. As a way of thanking the two students that helped him, Herter contacted their school in Dwight Illinois and donated 10K. (source)

First of all, I’m glad to see this guy was smart enough to use his inheritance to make something of himself and not piss it away on something stupid like a fleet of Cadillac’s with 24K rims. Its also nice to see that he donated it to a school system that probably needed it and wasn’t some huge university that is already rolling in cash.

While you can’t complain about his good deed, it probably stings a little to be one of those two students now. Its like, “but we were the ones that helped him! Not the school!” lol

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