The Mets 3 year $75 million dollar outfielder gives up on a play.

Either Yoenis Cespedes needs to get his eyes checked or doesn’t give a flying fuck now that he just got a new contract. I came to this conclusion after watching him totally give up on a ball in the outfield to allow an inside the park homerun.

ball under fence

Really bro!

During the game, a deep drive was hit that landed at the base of the wall up against the fence.  Cespedes thought the ball was wedged. However, he didn’t even make an effort to make sure it was. He just tossed his hands up. The umpire walks over thinking he might need to rule the play a ground rule double. That’s when the umpire realized Cespedes is an idiot and the ball isn’t lodged. Therefore, it is very playable. The end result was one of the most laughable inside the park homeruns in the history of baseball. (source)

Granted, this is a spring training game so the score is meaningless. Regardless, this is part of your job and you are getting paid crazy money. So make an effort to field the fucking ball!






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