Man arrested for not returning VHS tape from 2002!

Everyone can finally relax. While killers and cyber criminals are at large, law enforcement in North Carolina was able to take this savage criminal off the street and charge him with theft of a VHS tape.

Your probably wondering how North Carolina police got so lucky. Did someone call with an anonymous tip on his location? Nope, James Meyers was pulled over for a busted tail light and when the officer ran his license he found an old warrant. The video store is no longer in business and Meyers is hoping to have the charge dismissed. I wonder what that late fee would be now.

What should be more criminal is the actual movie that he rented. If I was going to get arrested for something so stupid, I would hope it wouldn’t be a movie as horrendous as “Freddy Got Fingered” that did me in. Still, maybe having to admit that you actually rented that piece of shit movie is punishment enough.

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