Dear Hollywood, stop starring Gerard Butler in your films!

Occasionally an actor or actress lights up the silver screen with a brilliant performance and catches our attention. After that one hit, they star in several movies that flop.For some reason, Hollywood producers continue to cast these actors / actresses who obviously cannot carry a film but believe that they somehow can. That being said, Hollywood needs to stop trying to make Gerard Butler a star!

In 2006 Gerard Butler already had a few movies under his belt, but it was his starring role in the film 300 (2006) that got him famous. Worldwide it grossed $456 million on a $65 million dollar budget. Law Abiding Citizen (2009) was also a modest hit. Not bad! Butler showed that he could carry an action film. He would also prove he could carry romantic films. P.S. I love you (2007) was a hit. The Ugly Truth (2009) raked in a respectable amount. He was also in a successful family film called Nim’s Island. (2008) Gerard could do it all! 2006-2009 would be prime Gerard Butler years. Then,look out everybody!

Gamer (2009) was horrible. The Bounty Hunter (2010) was one of the worst films of 2010. Coriolanus (2011) Sounds like a sex term and failed horribly. Machine Gun Preacher (2011) was a disaster! With a production cost $30 million, it grossed only $3 million dollars at the box office. Chasing Mavericks (2011) was a film about surfing. Unless a film about surfing stars tons of chicks in bikinis, nobody cares. It had a production cost of $20 million and made only $6 million. Moving along, Playing for Keeps (2012) was another major tanking. I am running out of ways to describe these horrible movies. Gerard, why are you doing these shit films?! At this point, I assumed he would end up starring in direct to DVD movies that you find in the $7.99 bin at your local Walmart. I was wrong.

Olympus Has Fallen (2013) was a hit that would remind everyone that Butler is capable. Everything was quiet for a while. In 2016, Butler reemerged in the film Gods of Egypt and it tanked hard. Yup, this is the Gerard Butler I know! Luckily, London Has Fallen was recently released and looks like it will achieve some moderate success at the global box office.

As you can see, Butlers career is mostly filled with mediocre highs and atrocious lows. Is he one of those actors that will take any role for a paycheck? Does his agent suck?  Are producers and directors snorting tons of blow and thinking its still between the years 2006-2009? Whatever the case might be, I don’t have much faith in any film starring Gerard Butler.

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