New “Sperm Switch” invention as an alternative to getting a Vasectomy?

You got to be kidding me! A German man has invented what he calls the Bimek SLV. The device would be installed in a mans scrotum and would block sperm from reaching the penis with an on/off switch under the skin.So its come to this. When I first heard about this, my first thoughts were “ok sure why not” That faded in about ten seconds. This is a horrible idea! I would take the vasectomy in a heart beat!

There is a 1 in 2000 chance of a pregnancy resulting from a vasectomy failure – 0.05%. I’m fine with that number. A vasectomy is also done quickly in a doctors office with barely any recovery time and while not ideal, it is reversible if you change your mind about wanting kids. With this device, I have so many questions and see so many potential issues with this thing!



This thing is never going inside me!

First, this can’t possibly be more cost effective than a vasectomy. How is this even comfortable? How would you know if the on/off switch is working properly before its to late and cause an “oops” pregnancy!?  How is this sanitary? Wouldn’t the inside of the tubing need to be cleaned out at some point? How the hell would you do that?  Also, why the hell are you telling me on your website that the device is 100% vegan? Why the hell does that matter!?






Looks like a cyborg scrotum

You can’t argue that this would certainly change the dynamics of what might be said before sex. “Hunny, did you make sure your switch is off?”

It’s great that people want to think outside the box and be creative, but this is like trying to reinvent the wheel. Just get a vasectomy!


UPDATE* Bimek SLV reached out to me with some information regarding this device that answered some of my questions and criticisms. Please see comments below.


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  1. Why 100% vegan? Because vegan also means: “No tests with animals!” And this is how we will do it: Tests only with humans. And no, you cannot switch it off just before sex, because there is the anatomy which does not prevent you from being sterile. This is the same with vasectomy: You will sterile only 3-6 month after the cut of the vas deferens. So the scenario ist another: You are in relationsship. Your partner is pregnant. You close the switch. After giving birth,you will be sterile. Your partner do not need contraceptive. After 3 years you want a baby again? No problem: open the valve and you will be fertile in 2-3 days… All the best Dirk

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