Star Wars: What the First Order can learn from the numerous Empire blunders.

So with Star Wars The Force Awakens right around the corner, it would seem that this film will involve (MILD SPOILERS AHEAD) a base that is somewhat similar to the death star called “Starkiller Base” That being said, I hope these bad guy / First Order punks learned a lesson from the dumb ass mistakes that the Empire made. From security issues to horrible planning. These are some Empire blunders and notes that The First Order hopefully took into consideration after The Empire failed with a second death star.

  • The first death star didn’t workout. It was blown up by a annoying teenage boy.   lukedeathstar


  • The Empire constructed a second death star and decided to rely on a bunker and single satellite dish on the planet of Endor to power it’s shield generator.


    Yup, lets invest in only one of these!


  • The Empire also felt no need to put some sort of separate field generator around the core itself. Surely, nobody will hit it again! Also, they put it in the giant hollow room for some apparent reason.


    Wide open hollow area with no defenses what so ever. It’s brilliant!


  • The Empire felt they could slack on the Endor bunker security also. They left it so vulnerable that a bunch of midgets in furry suits could successfully attack them with a plan that was put together on very short notice.


    Awww we have blasters but you guys have rocks!? That really hurts!


  • The rebels stole an Imperial shuttle to land on Endor? Nobody in the Empire questions what happened to this ship. It just goes missing? Someone needs to keep track of those ships and how many they have in the fleet! endorland


  • “It’s an older code but it checks out” should result in a boarding.


  • On Endor, Han gets on the com link posing as a stormtrooper and tricks the Empires Endor bunker team into opening the doors by requesting additional units. They never ask for any proof of who he is! They just take his word for it. These people suck because during Leia’s prison break in A New Hope that shit didn’t fly!  When Han was disguised as a storm trooper, and tried to defuse the situation over the com to explain the blasting and that everything was fine they were skeptical and asked for a damn clearance code! The Empire got lazy toward the end.


    Haha we tricked you! Wait, we didn’t see much of these guys fighting!


  • Design battle vehicles with strong material on a balanced sturdy frame that can’t easily be toppled over or pulverized by a bunch of wooden logs! stsmashstlogs



  • The eyes on the Tie Fighter pilots helmets should not be tinted. It makes sense in the snow due to snow blindness but in the darkness of space it doesn’t make much sense and can’t be very helpful. No wonder they had shitty pilots.tiefighter


  • The Second death star fires and blows up a ship in the middle of the final battle demonstrating that it’s operational. So what? As far as I can tell, it’s not lined up with any planets at the moment and it can only shoot straight head. It would have only been a concern if it could shoot in various directions quickly at other ships.

    Quick! Everyone zig zag right now!


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