Pamela Anderson on the cover of Playboy’s last nude issue

This month will be Playboy’s final nude issue. If you have been living under a rock for the last several months or if your like me and totally forgot about Playboy in general because its boring and tired, you might not know that Playboy made an announcement in October that they will no longer be publishing images of nude women in 2016. The final nudey mag issue will hit stands on December 11th. The cover will have Pamela Anderson.

I guess choosing Pamela Anderson for the cover is fitting and not because she is the most famous playmate of all-time. It’s fitting because Pamela is just like playboy! She is old, tired, worn out and irrelevant! It’s perfect! I personally would have went for a women much higher up the food chain but whatever.

I could sit hear and shit on Playboy for not adapting and staying to tasteful. Seriously, they pioneered magazine nudity. There is no reason that this company should have lost money. Sex will always sell but you still need to adapt. Playboy never did that. Anyway, while I could shit on them for that. I will say this, if your in your late twenties or older,  I am willing to bet the first time you ever saw boobs wasn’t on the internet. It was either from looking at a Hustler or a Playboy magazine.  It will be sad to see them change format.


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