Women Arrested On An Impressive Variety of Charges



I wonder if the Guinness Book of World Records has a record for the most amount of crimes committed in the shortest amount of time. A South Carolina women was arrested for shoplifting, kidnapping, burglary and indecent exposure. How did a lovely women manage to rack up such an impressive number of charges? Let me tell you. First she walked into a save-a-lot and attempted to steal several steaks. I don’t mean to stray to far from the story but if your stealing steaks from a store called “Save-a-lot” I’m willing to bet that meat isn’t from a cow. Anyway, after her attempt failed she then went into a different store in the strip mall and started fondling customers and asking them for money. When she refused to leave the store she pulled down her pants, exposed her genitals and started yelling profanity. She then ran out of the store and down the street and broke into the home of an elderly women and asked her to play cards. She locked the door and told police that they weren’t going anywhere. When police finally entered, she refused to leave because she was using the victims toilet and refused to pull up her pants.

Well, police don’t care. They eventually dragged her ass out and tossed her in a squad car where she attempted to kick out the back window but failed.

Why couldn’t the police have stopped this sooner? Maybe they figured “we got nothing to do & this is pretty damn entertaining. Let’s see how far this goes for a while.”

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