Annoying Things People Do While Driving

I often wonder how some people were able to get a drivers license. Maybe good driving habits seem to fade away as you get older and more comfortable behind the wheel. However, there are some things that people should never do and just flat out drive me crazy. These are some of the most annoying things on the road.

Your a bike! Not a car

I know these points I’m making are mostly about driving, but since it’s becoming more and more popular in the city to see someone riding a bicycle, I feel I need to mention it. Remember the good old days when your mom told you “don’t ride in the street! Stay on the sidewalk!” Those days are long gone. Most if not all major cities have bike lanes, but I feel like they are getting wider and wider every couple years. However, that’s not good enough for some people. A small percentage of these idiots think there bicycle is a car and will sit at red lights in traffic and use there hands for a directional. If you hit these people, its your fault. Stay in your bike lane that the city has given you. I once saw a guy riding his bike in a traffic lane. The light turned red, but he kept going! It’s as if he said “Well I’m not a car. I can still go. I don’t need to wait in traffic like everyone else.” So he blew through the red light and almost got hit. He then looked at the driver like it was his fault. Are you kidding me? I once read that if you park your car on the side of a road and just happen to open your car door when a bicyclist is riding past you and you hit him with your door, its a $200 dollar fine. Ya know what, that’s great! I’m surprised it’s only $200. If true, for that price I would gladly have a cop witness me do that on purpose then hand him the $200 upfront.

Learn to drive around a Rotary! (roundabout) Merge and Yield are not the same thing!!

This can turn into a mess. I hate these damn things. People sometimes make these worse than they need to be. Are you getting off around this turn? Yes or no? Your car is right smack in the middle of the rotary around these turns buddy. Why can’t people seem to understand? Lets say your exiting right off the rotary, if your exit is the next one, doesn’t it make sense to be in the right side and not hogging the middle or in the far left where you will need to suddenly cut over? Its even better when someone is attempting to get on. You don’t merge. You yield! Some people don’t seem to understand this concept and fly right on without looking behind them.


I’m realistic. We all do it. I’m no exception. If you are going to do it though, can you please NOT do it on a busy highway while riding my bumper in the speed lane! Also, not in a very stop and go urban area where you might smack into my bumper. I’ve had my bummer smacked a couple times by people who I could see in my rear view were obviously texting. What is so important? I guarantee 95% of the time it is something that can wait.

Backing into a Parking Spot in a Parking lot

Even when you drive into a parking lot where you simply park in a space  between two lines, there is still some idiot who can screw this up. Instead of the person in front of me just pulling into a parking space, occasionally the person in front of me will hit the breaks then go in reverse to back into the spot. WHY!? Thanks for holding me up because you feel the need to back into that space pal. Are you afraid of backing out of parking spaces when you leave?  Do you feel like you will be in such a rush to leave that you need that extra 10 seconds you gained from driving out of the spot as apposed to backing out? If you want to do this in a parking lot that’s almost empty or its a situation where you are pulling through a spot, then fine. Otherwise, your slowing things up and look like a selfish idiot.

Yup, that about says it all.

Yup, that about says it all.

Taking up two parking spaces

This could be for a number of reasons. 1 They suck at parking and don’t care enough to back out and realign themselves. 2. They drive a fantasy car and to avoid a possible hazard they don’t want someone parking next to them. If it’s number one, your simply just a lazy asshole. If it’s number two then you are most likely a special kind of asshole who thinks everyone around them could potentially put a ding in “your baby” Haven’t these people realized yet when you do this you are more likely to find that someone keyed your car? It’s also a sign that you didn’t exactly think your purchase through. “oh shit! you mean I need to park next to people now!?” It also shows you might have some serious trust issues.

These are just a few examples of the top annoying things I have encountered while driving. I can also think of a few runners-up that might not be as common, but deserve an honorable mention.

  • When your sitting at a red light and within a second of it turning green the person behind you beeps the horn.
  • Flashing your high beams at me (unless your a cop or warning me that I have a light out)

We are all guilty of committing some of these every once and a while, but maybe you should consider altering your approach before every once and a while becomes a full blown habit.

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