Stupid Conspiracies From Around the Web

I love a good conspiracy. I have a few favorites that I think are legit. However, sometimes people like to shout out “conspiracy” without any real research or fact checking. Garbage just flies out of there mouth. Some conspiracies are so stupid, that I just can’t help but offer my two cents on them and wonder if people are dropping too much acid. This is my best of the worst from around the web.

The Conspiracy: The Moon in’t what you think it is.
The Story behind it: Some people apparently believe the moon is covered by a hologram to hide what is really going on. I’m serious. Check out this four minute youtube video.
My Take on it & Could it be true:  This guy said he observed the moon for one year straight. Someone needs to find this guy a women! This is a new level of crazy in my book. Lets pretend this is a compelling argument. If the moon is covered by a hologram, then I guess this hologram has been covering it since humans started observing it. It’s only been since HUMANS COULD FIRST THINK!  Where the hell is that being projected from and how much is that electric bill!? Since man has been observing the moon since the beginning you would think this theory would have been proposed centuries ago. You would also think if true, this would be a global conspiracy. Someone at some place in the world would have tried to blow the whistle on this, but this is the first I am hearing about it. I guess, you suck Galileo! These youtube people are smarter than everyone else.
The Conspiracy: The World Trade Center was also rigged with explosives and thats what took the towers down on  9/11
The Story behind it: In the weeks before 9/11 lots of maintenance had been done. Power had been down for a short time the weeks before. Cameras had been shut off. A “sprinkler repair man” was hired weeks before 9/11 and given access to six under ground levels. Explosives are the only reason to explain why the towers collapsed.
Could it be true:  I doubt it. I don’t think most people realize the amount of maintinance that goes into keeping buildings of that size running. Work is always being done and do you know how much time and how many people it would take to expose all those beams to apply some type of charge to it? A lot! I guess slamming an aircraft filled with jet fuel into a building causing the structures to weaken and pancake downward on itself isn’t a good enough explanation for some people.
The Conspiracy: The Boston Marathon Bombing didn’t happen
The Story Behind it: Some people believe this was a “False Flag Attack” and staged by our own government trying to create a fear factor in the media. Actors, fake blood and smoke bombs were used.
Could it be true: I think it’s stupid that people actually believe this crap. Apparently, some dumbass movie producer who I have never heard of, had this to say about it. Hypothetically, lets pretend the bombing was fake. That would mean, my best friend was paid off since he is a Boston firefighter and responded. The 9-year old boy who was killed and lived practically right behind my friend didn’t die. His family was paid off also. That little kid now goes to some school far away and his name was changed and he had facial reconstruction surgery to look different. The couple of people from my home town who lost limbs are in on the conspiracy and were paid off also! I must also be in on it, since I am covering the tracks of these people. I guess everyone is a freakin Hollywood actor these days!
The Conspiracy: The Earth is Hollow
The Story Behind it: Some people believe the earth is hollow, with other civilizations living inside the earth. You can get in through the earths south pole.
Could it be true: haha ya because I’m sure this totally wouldn’t fuck with gravity at all. I guess in the history of the earth nobody has captured or taken a picture of one of these beings from that civilization. Why hasn’t anyone taken an expedition to try and find it? This sounds like something J.R Tolkien made up for a novel. It’s the battle for inner earth.
The Conspiracy: We faked the moon landing
The Story Behind it: We were desperate to beat the Russians and win the space race so we filmed the moon landing in a Hollywood studio.
Could it be true: This conspiracy at least has a logical reason why we would fake it. However, the amount of people it would have taken to cover this up would be to big. Someone would have come forward by now. Also, do you really think the Russians would have simply taken our word for it that we landed on the moon? Fuck no! I’m sure they ran there own data and observations to confirm we in fact did. If we didn’t, they would have known. Futhermore, since the moon landing other countries such as Russia & China have sent satelliets to the moon. If the evidence we landed didn’t show then I am sure they would have called us out on it.
The Conspiracy: Saddam Hussein had a Stargate
The Story Behind it: The real reason we invaded Iraq had nothing to do with oil or removing Saddam from power. It was because Saddam Hussein was in position of a Stargate and about to use it to trigger an alien attack. Saddam uncovered the Stargate that was left behind by the ancient Samarians who used it to contact star beings called the ‘Anunnaki’
Could it be true: This is crap. However, there is some cool mystery and history with this. The Sumerians did live in the region that is now Iraq. They were one of the first civilizations to figure out mathematics and develope a calendar. They also claimed they were visited by aliens (star beings) that they called the Anunnaki who gave them this knowledge. Lets fast forward to a more present time. If Saddam Hussein did in fact find some type of portal or stargate (I can’t believe I am actually writing about this) where are all the cool ass weapons? How could he have lost? It’s a little funny though. If this conspiracy was true then in some ways it wouldn’t even be a conspiracy at all because Bush did say they were looking for weapons of mass destruction right?
The Story:  Atlantis was real 
The story supporting it: Plato wrote about it around 360 B.C. He said it was a giant island. The founders were half god and half human. They created a Utopian civilization, became a great navel power and were the most advanced civilization for its time. However, the island was hit with crazy earthquakes and storms that destroyed and sank the city in a day.
Could it be true: My main issue with believing in Atlantis is…if they were so smart, don’t you think they would have built there civilization in a place that couldn’t get potentially destroyed in a single day!?
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  1. I enjoyed your light, humouristic take on it. I love good conspiracies too.

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