Unnecessary Movie Sequels Suck!

Next summer Independence Day 2 will be hitting theaters. I don’t think I am the only person to ask, why? Does anyone really care anymore? Hollywood seems to think so. This is just one of a few sequels that just aren’t necessary at this point.

Let me put this in perspective, the first Independence Day came out in 1996. It was a great summer popcorn flick. That was 19 freakin years ago!! If the sequel came out within 5 years of the original, I would have been so hyped over it. Nineteen years (twenty when it is released) is really stretching it. Why now? I’m sure the team behind it will say something like “we wanted more time to pass so these characters would be at different points in there lives” If they say that, I call bullshit! They waited so long because they wanted Will Smith back on board but he never gave in.
They are bringing back Bill Pullman (most likely now the former President) This makes some sense. He dealt with this before and could be some sort of adviser. You can make an argument for Jeff Goldblum. He cracked the original code with a simple stupid computer virus. On a side note, that’s one advanced civilization right? They have the technology to fly light years, but everything is undone buy a simple computer virus concocted by Jeff Goldblum. I really don’t understand why Vivica A. Fox is on the cast list for the sequel. I am willing to bet this is just another example of Hollywood inserting characters that should be irrelevant, but exist in the film simply because they were in the first one. Who cares!
It doesn’t stop with Independence Day 2 either. Recent news reports about a Top Gun 2 have been floating around. Top Gun was released in 1986. This flick must have broke records for how many times you could hear a single song in a movie. I feel like the song “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins is always in the background. Anyway, I’m getting off track. It looks a sequel is getting closer to a reality. The story would revolve around the increased use of unmanned flying drones. I’ll admit, at least the premise for this sequel makes more sense than most long awaited sequels. Ya being a fighter pilot isn’t what it use to be in the 80’s and 90’s. Now we can bomb shit in other countries with what looks like a video game controller, from the safety of a military base thousands of miles away. I get it. It’s not a terrible story idea. So make a movie about it starring Tom Cruise! Why does it need to be the sequel to Top Gun?
Get ready for this, the idea of having a sequel to the 1988 film Twins has been floating around Universal Studios for quite some time now. The sequel would be called ‘Triplets’ and once again star Schwarnzenegger and Devito. This time they find out they have another brother. The third brother would be played by Eddie Murphy. I wish I could say this was originally an April fools joke that went to far, but it’s true. As of right now, the studio has put the project on hold. I don’t even know why this was considered a possibility 27 years later!!
It gets better, Bill & Ted 3 is a very real possibility.  Keanu Reeves & Alex Winters have both talked openly about it. I’m sure Winters would be happy for the paycheck. I feel like Keanu has been on the cusp of becoming a washed up direct to DVD actor several times. However, no matter how many times he bombs, he seems to always catch a lucky break! In this case, John Wick saved his ass recently. I guess he feels determined to put the final nail in the coffin and sink himself for good if he thinks this movie is a good idea!
Then there is Zoolander 2. I will most likely rent this. I’m curious to see what Derek (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) have been upto but I can live without it.
As several years and decades pass, Hollywood seems keen on not only rebooting certain franchises, but also blowing off the dust and making sequels for films that don’t necessarily need them. Is there still an audience for a franchise that hasn’t seen a sequel in decades? In the case of Independence Day, it should make some good money as a summer popcorn flick. The rest, Hell no!

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