The Apocalypse will be Sept 2015

End of the world predictions have existed since humans were able to develop a thought process. Obviously none of them (at least in history as we know it) have come true. However, you better go on a shopping spree and take that far away exotic vacation that you have always wanted to take and max out all those credit cards because It looks like another stupid doomsday prophecy is buzzing around the internet. The new date for the end of the world is now somewhere between September 22-28 of this year. Bummer right!? At least we get the summer in though.

I often wonder how some of these start. In some cases, it’s like some wack job amateur astrologist did some math and realized that something unique in the cosmos was about to take place. If it’s unique, it must mean the end of the world right?  Rare instances in the cosmos always seem to equal doom. In many cases it’s during a planetary alignment, the end of some type of cycle, an asteroid passing the earth, there is always some yahoo ranting about how the end of the world is coming without any real scientific proof. At first it’s entertaining and fun to read about, then it just gets annoying as the date draws closer and the Discovery or History channel starts cramming doomsday specials down your throat. This prediction won’t be any different.
So what is going to happen in late September?  The events that will supposedly take place vary depending on what nut job website you read, but they all agree on the dates. According to nobody important this is what is going on and what we are facing.
– The massive military exercise coming up called “Jade Helm” are part of the military     preparation for the emergence of the New World Order / Illuminati  
– An Asteroid Impact
– NASA has detected this asteroid but is covering it up.
– Book of Revelation Stuff 
Wow, they finally managed to cram almost everything into this one. Good job! All that’s missing is an alien invasion. First of all, how could NASA cover it up? They aren’t the only people in the world watching and tracking the sky. While trying to hide it from the public would be ideal, it would be impossible. You would need to silence every amateur astronomer and organization in the world that looks into the night sky. It’s not possible. Someone in this world would spill the beans. Then everyone with a telescope would be looking at it and word would spread. Furthermore, I don’t want to hear “It’s just that nobody else can see it yet” Nobody else can see it yet!? Pluto was discovered in 1930 and I’m willing to bet some of today’s amateur telescopes are better. Do you really want to tell me that only NASA can see this giant chunk of rock being hurled our way? I don’t think so.
Yes, our military has stepped up it’s training exercises. That’s true! Again, to say it’s to prepare for a new world order sounds like the rantings of a lunatic. It’s no mystery that Russia has been a real pain in the ass lately. Doesn’t it make more sense that we would hold more military training exercises to ready our troops just in case?
The world will end someday. Nothing lasts forever.  Will it end in late September? I seriously doubt it. We will all get up for work and pay our bills like any other day. The media and attention whores like creating stories. This is just another example. Relax people.


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