Moments From Six Shows or Movies That Terrified me as a Child!

It might be funny now, but was there ever a scene from a particular movie or something from a television show that scared the hell out of you when you were little and it temporarily traumatized your young little brain?Well, I’m willing to bet everyone has at least one. Below is my list of scenes from films or television shows that I saw as a child and it totally freaked me out at the time.

The Film: Robocop (1986) 
What freaked me out:  Murphy getting executed by Mr Forman from “That 70’s Show” and his band of thugs. 
I think I was about five or six when I saw this scene for the first time. I contribute a lot of these viewings to having a brother that is seven years older than me. It’s not long into the film that we find out how Robocop became Robocop. It’s depicted in a very graphic scene where Murphy (Peter Weller) gets his hand blown off at point blank range with a shotgun by a bad guy named Clarence Boddicker. (Kurtwood Smith)  Then Boddickers thugs that are lined up side by side as if they are part of a execution squad allow Murphy to stand up as blood is gushing from his arm. That’s when they decide to unload round after round of shotgun blasts into Murphy’s chest as he screams in complete agonizing pain. Then just to put that final cherry on top, Clarence pulls out his pistol and fires a round into Murphy’s skull at point blank range to end the scene. In my little childhood brain this was the most evil character I had ever seen at the time.
Fast forward to 1998. Who do I see on a network television show called “That 70’s Show” playing a smart ass dad!? It’s Clarence freakin Boddicker! I actually got anxiety at the sight of him and still do.

Red!? Does Kitty know about this!?

The Film: Alien (1986)

What freaked me out: Alien bursting out of cocooned colonists chest.

Another film from 1986! I love this movie. What guy doesn’t! The scene that really got me though was right before the Marines have there first encounter and get there asses kicked. They are walking and encounter a colonist that has been cocooned into the wall. The colonists head is hanging down. One of the Marines lifts the colonists head and of course within seconds the colonist opens her eyes and starts begging for help. Just as the Marine tries to assure her that she is going to be alright (she isn’t) an alien bursts out of her chest. They then roast her and the alien with a flamethrower. I don’t know what the hell would hurt worse, the alien bursting out of my chest or being incinerated! Well, this poor soul got both! I got a few nightmares from this.

Funny, this is exactly how I feel after I’ve eaten to much Indian food.

The Film: Halloween II (1981) 

What freaked me out: Michael Myers creeping around a horribly understaffed hospital

Out of all the horror killers to come out of the late 70’s and 80’s Micheal Myers was the only one I thought had scare potential. Jason would just come at you pissed off with no real plan. It was just, I see you. I grab the nearest object to use as a weapon. I kill you. Freddy was hilarious in my opinion.  Micheal with that white mask was just emotionless and cold. Watching him walk through the hospital hallway as creepy piano music played in the background to dial up the suspense is something I will never forget.

Where the hell is everyone in this hospital?

The Show: Unsolved Mysteries  (1987 – 2002)
What freaked me out: The opening theme music and host Robert Stack
I can’t think of a show that scared the crap out of me as much as this show did as a child. It wasn’t the cheesy reenactments. It wasn’t the fact that these people have somehow managed to disappear without a trace. It was a combination of the theme music and then seeing host Robert Stack standing in front of a creepy background and talking in a serious tone with his lifeless facial expressions.

What the hell is this? Robert Stack vampire hunter?

The Film: The Never Ending Story (1984)
What freaked me out:  Umm pretty much everything about it 
This movie came at a time where children’s stories were dark. They still are. If you really break them down they are just masked better with cuter more lovable characters today. I remember being really young and watching this. Looking back, I wonder if they were purposely trying to scare and traumatize children. I mean common! It’s like… Children love horses right? So they decide to kill one off in a painfully long and emotional scene involving quicksand. Knights are cool right? Lets place a dead one in the sand and scattered around him are random parts of skeletal remains of others who tried to pass through this Sphinx gate of judgement that obliterates you into a million pieces if you don’t make it.

Oh Hell No! This is even worse than I remember it.

The Film: Troll 2 (1990) 
What freaked me out: Goblins eating mom.
Don’t get me wrong, this film is horrible. Nobody should watch it. It’s not scary. It’s just plain stupid. I don’t even remember what it was about. I just remember green goop, people being turned into plants and being slightly rattled at the final scene. Everything looks safe, until the kids mom eats an apple out of the fridge then goes to take a bath. Later on the kid walks into the bathroom to see that his mom is not only dead, but has been reduced to a green chunky sludge (the apple was poisonous) and goblins are feasting on her from the tub. Plah!

Your ummm looking like you might have some type of cold buddy. You gonna grab a tissue for that?

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  1. Omg, the transformation scene from An American Werewolf in London terrified me.

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